Paul Hynes Audio Ltd new manufacturing facility has been set up to take over production and administration of the Paul Hynes Design product range. It is not possible to transfer the whole range at once due to the size of the range, the time required for the product documentation and the staff training on the production line, so over the next few years I will gradually transfer the Paul Hynes Design product range to the new manufacturing facility. I will post a notification on my forum trade threads when each product is transferred for availability from the new manufacturing facility.

I have already transferred two products into the new company. The very popular SR3 power supply previously sold by myself as Paul Hynes Design and the new lower cost Paul Hynes Audio SR2 power supply designed as a low cost upgrade for both switching and linear wall-warts and other external power supplies, supplied with many audio products nowadays.

Paul Hynes 16/07/2014

SR2 Power Supply

The SR2 power supply can provide 1.4 amps DC and is available in the following DC voltages :- 3v3, 5v, 6v, 7v, 9v, 12v, 15v, 18v and 21v. The SR2 is supplied with a mains lead and a DC lead terminated with a DC plug to suit your equipment DC jack. Alternative connectors can be fitted if required at extra cost. The SR2 power supply costs £195.

SR3 Power Supply

The latest model of the SR3 power supply is available in the following DC voltage/current ratings: 3v3 2A, 5v 3A, 6v 2A, 7v 2A, 9v 2A, 12v 2A, 15v 1.6A, 18v 1.4A, 21v 1.4A. The SR3 is a higher performance power supply than the SR2 and it is not supplied with a mains lead, as most customers prefer to use after market upgrade IEC mains leads with the SR3. The SR3 costs £300. The DC lead is also a separate item as several options are available for the SR3. The DC3C annealed copper DC lead costs £50 and the DC3FS annealed fine silver DC lead costs £85. The internal wiring from the regulator module to the DC output connector can be specified as fine silver for an additional £10 when the power supply is ordered or £20 plus return carriage when retro-fitted.


The SR2 and the SR3 are now available on a short lead time to shipping, which is currently between 5 to 15 working days. Shipping costs will vary depending on the destination and we can quote for this once we know the shipping address.

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